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Passionate Athletes - Attention! Here comes Sportima, Your Solution for Unforgettable Sports Events!

Sports lovers, coaches, business executives, and everyone who lives for the thrill of the game, take note! Sportima is here to turn your sporting dreams into reality. Sportima will provide a complete solution for every aspect of your event.

Sportima services for you

Realization of Sports Events:

At Sportima, we bring your sporting event to life. From small private events to large sporting events, our services include the complete planning, organization and realisation of your sport event. With our team of professionals and an extensive network of contacts, we will ensure that your event is not only successful, but also unforgettable.


Marketing Services:

Do you want everyone to know about your event? Our marketing team works to create targeted campaigns that will turn your event into a conversation piece. From digital marketing to traditional advertising techniques, we will ensure that your sporting event gets the attention it deserves.


Management Services:

Managing a sporting event can be challenging, but with our management services it will be a piece of cake. We provide complete event management, including coordination with suppliers, logistics and operational management. With our help, your event will run smoothly from start to finish.


Image Creation Services:

Creating a strong image is key to the success of any sporting event. Our team will focus on creating a unique visual style that will reflect your brand and enhance the appeal of your event. From logos to marketing materials, we'll make sure your event gets the right attention.

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